Champagne, Rum, Wine, a friendly game of Penis, and a visit from Duxe.

I survived the holiday!!! The magical night was filled with Champagne, Rum, Wine, and a friendly game of Penis.  This isn’t the age old game of hide the salami, it is a new game that all the kids are playing now, the goal is to not get caught.  The fun starts when one person whispers ‘Penis’, whoever hears it must say ‘Penis’ just a little louder than the first person without the teacher hearing them.  It goes on and on, the ‘Penis’ getting louder with each person.  Just moments into the game we had a house full of people shouting ‘Penis’ as loud as they could.  Now that’s the spirit!

I woke the next morning feeling refreshed without even the slightest hint of a hangover!  It was a Festivus Miracle!!!!

Thursday morning at about 1:45 am Duxe, a being from Shadows Twirl, Shadows Dance (the book I put on hold to write SFL), walked across my bedroom… It was like being asleep and awake at the same time.  He didn’t say a word, the look he gave me was enough.  I know he came to visit to remind me that they were all still waiting for their story to be told, and I think they are losing patience.  I think those characters are feeling neglected.

Um… ya don’t think I’m crazy but sometimes my characters show up in my room when I’m half asleep… just thought I’d add that it is kinda normal for me….

This week I’ve been working with my designer on the cover of Sin For Love (Fortune For Love #1).  I am absolutely in love with what she has created and I can’t stop staring at it.  I spent the better part of an hour crying when I first saw it.  It was not the cute kind of crying.  It was the blubbering, blotchy faced, nose blowing kind.  I can’t wait to share it!

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Sin For Love (Fortune for Love #1) Release Day – 3.14.14

112 days.  112 days.  112 fucking days until I push the button to publish for Sin For Love (Fortune for love # 1).  That big scary button that could blow up my entire world!


I used to sleep through the night.  I used to be able to keep my house clean.  I used to know what was going on in my life.   But I haven’t slept through the night in weeks.  We ran out of dishes the other day.  Oh shit, where am I???

On the couch, that is where I am.  I’m sitting next to my husband and our two dogs with my beloved Mac in my lap, I can’t seem to part with her lately, half-watching A River Runs Through It (and cursing at the Hallmark commercials for making me cry).

I am passionately adding to, carefully revising, and abso-fucking-lutely loving the story of Tessa Rain Donahue and Reese Nichols!!!

112 days and then I am pushing that fucking button!

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NaNoWriMo Day 10 – The End. aka Just The Beginning…

There are these two words that go so together so elegantly…. The End.  Yes those words that as writers we chase and hunt and track with reckless abandon.  These two words  stand for victory, triumph, and accomplishment.  Today I reached the end of my story and I typed those amazingly beautiful two words.   Today I am officially an AUTHOR!

But they aren’t the end, not really… they are just the beginning.

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NaNoWriMo – Day 9 aka Super Nicky to the rescue!

I  planned to begin writing around nine this morning.  Then I decided I needed, no I deserved a Venti Soy PSL (no whip ’cause that’s just nasty) so nine turned into ten.  Upon returning home from my venture to Starbucks I found that my daughter who had been sick recently had taken a turn for the worse.  So back in the car we went to visit the InstaCare.  Twenty minutes and thirty-five dollars later we were relieved to find it wasn’t serious, another hour and seven dollars later we had a Rx and were on our way back home.  So ten turned into eleven-thirty.  By noon I had finished my PSL and was fully caffeinated and ready to write!!!  The words were going to be MINE!

Except that they weren’t… I had hit a wall!  I scrambled across my bed to open my Book Bible only to find I was out of Plot Papers WTF?!?!  WHERE were my fucking Plot Papers???  Oh yea, um I kinda didn’t do them.  Oops!  Another hour of doing PP’s and noon had turned into one.  Half of my Saturday was fucking GONE and it was NaNo’s Writing Marathon, the slogan being ‘No Word Count Left Behind’.  But I was being left behind, it was now two in the afternoon and I only had a measly 600 words!  I should have had thousands by then!

Panic set in, on Monday I go back to my full time job and I still had almost 15,000 words to do!  I had put in all of this hard work and I wasn’t going to finish NaNo!!!  Yes I was panicking about not finishing when I had 35,000 under my belt and 21 more days in the month.

SUPER NICKY to the rescue!!!!  At about three my hero Nicky Jayne started doing sprints with me and I was able to pass the 40,000 mark.  That’s right people, my current word count is 40,023 fucking amazing words, only 9,977 to go!!!

I’m gonna do it!  I’m really gonna fucking do it!!!

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NaNoWriMo – Day 8 aka Horror movies and V-Cards

I thought my characters were running rampant before…  But Tessa chose today to prove to me just how fucking wrong I was, I hadn’t seen anything yet.

It was like when you watch a horror film and you know that the hot blond girl, who just lost her V-Card to the football star under the school bleachers, shouldn’t open that door and go into the gym.  But the stupid Meat Waffle is going to anyway no matter how much you yell or throw things at the screen.

Yup that was what today was like as I watched Tessa do something that we both knew is wrong, but she was hurt so she was going to doing it no matter what I yelled or threw at her.  It was painful, and I may have lost my underwear but we got through it together.

My new word count is 35,001 – That’s 70% Bitches!

Stole this goodie from a buddy today.  This is what every six minutes of NaNoWriMo feels like (living on the edge huh?):

Isaac Asimov

Even though Tessa and I fought (and later made up), Reese and I had a good time together today.  Here is a small look into his world:

I had to keep going, I had to let this play out no matter what the consequences may be.  I had to because she needed me, just like I needed her.  I  hoped that one day she would understand.  That she would forgive me.  That she would still love me in the end.

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NaNoWriMo – Day 7 aka Mac is a Bitch, and I hate her right now!

I spent a few hours in the chair today getting some new ink.  I started the process of covering up the tattoo I got when I turned eighteen and thought getting a Kanji that said ‘Wild’ would be a good idea.  HELLO Bitch, you have a fucking word on your body.  Are you sure it even says what you think it does?  For all you know it says ‘Meat Waffle’!!!  I had this appointment scheduled before I even considered doing NaNo so I told myself I could take a break on day 7 and keep the appointment.  On December 6th we’ll finish this hot bitch up!

Getting tattooed is exhausting!  You’d think, hey all you have to do is lay there and not move.  But that isn’t the case, you have to focus on your breathing and remind your body every second to not tense up.  Like I said, it is fucking exhausting!  On the way home I had every intention of running right to my cave and putting in the time to get my word count.  Apparently the universe had other plans for me.  When I walked in the house I was hit by a wall of funk “Oh shit babe, it smells like NaNo in here!” was all I could say to my hubs.  Walking into the kitchen I found the cause of the stench, all the dishes piled up by the sink.  There was no way this beast could be allowed to run wild!  An hour later I had tamed the beast and the house was once again a NaNo-Funk free zone and I could flee to the cave.

Upon arriving in the cave I greeted my beloved MacBook (Mac for short, I know creative huh?) who looked at me with disdain.   The following conversation commenced:

Mac: it’s 7:30 and you still think you can get your word count in?

Me: YES The words are MINE!

Mac: You are cray cray Claudia!

Me: Fuck off!

After fighting with Mac for over an hour I was left with 507 words for the day and my main female character doing things that she knows are bad for her.

Here’s to a better tomorrow…..

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NaNoWriMo – Day 6 aka PUMPKIN PIE!!!

How the fuck do I get off this crazy train?!?!  Oh wait… what am I talking about?  I don’t want to get off, I want to ride this bitch all the way to NaNoLand!  The beautiful land of NaNo where the words flow through the air like birds soaring on the wind.  Where your characters can always find a friend, a confidant, or an evil villain lurking around the corner waiting for the perfect time to pounce.

They’re coming to take me away Ha Ha
They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha
to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, and I’ll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats
and they’re coming to take me away ha ha

Day 6 has been great!  Spent some time with a good friend talking shop and fit in a couple of good word sprints.  I walked away with a belly full of Pumpkin Pie (I had whipped cream for the first time since the Pie Throwing Contest Incident of 2013… Just know that whipped cream curdles quickly when you are wearing it!) and a brain full of new ideas and plot points!!!

Instead of a snippet today I bring you Stats… YAY Stats!!!


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