Claudia’s Brain Barf…

Blog blog blob lob lalalalalala looney!!!

That is how I feel every time I start to think about what I should put on here. A while ago I promised myself (and others) that I would post more often blah blah blah blah… to make a long stupid story short – it hasn’t happened.
I think I just lost five minutes of my life, The Big Bang Theory is very distracting… but watching Wolowitz scream like a little girl was totally worth it.
Ok back to this blogging thing that I just can’t seem to do regularly… do they make fiber for blogs? Or something to make me more regular? Maybe I can pick it up on ebay… brb.
I’m back from ebay… no such thing as fiber for blogging so I guess I’ll just have to push myself to do this thing.

Are you still with me? Is anyone even reading this shit? Maybe if there were more people reading this I would blog more? Maybe if I blogged more I would have more readers?

Okay that was fucking whiney. I don’t like whiney… I like wine, it is so yummy!

I suppose you are getting a glimpse into what it is like to live in my brain. Scary right? That is what blogging is all about though isn’t it? Just barfing your brain onto the screen for all the world to read. I hope you are enjoying my brain barf.

If you made it this far I should reward you with something important, poignant, amazing, or cool. Hmmmmm…

Last weekend we were vacationing in Lava Hot Springs Idaho. We go every year around this time to sit in the hot pots, gorge ourselves on Pad Thai from the best restaurant ever, and drink in a dive bar. But this year it was different. The restaurant was closed for the weekend, the bar was packed, and I met a stranger who knew me better than I know myself most of the time.

We were walking back from the bar, and I’d had enough Old Fashioned’s to skip down the street singing about my new found love for whiskey, when we were approached by a woman on the street. She told us that she was in a class and her assignment was to complement people. When she asked if she could complement us I thought she would comment on my hair or eyes like most people do… Instead she looked deep into my eyes, like she was looking into my soul, and told me things about myself that we had just been talking about at the bar! She talked for about ten minutes, mostly about how I was too critical of myself and didn’t give myself the credit I deserved.

I walked away with full body chills… believing I had just met an angel. She inspired me to pay more attention to how I treat myself. I picked up a journal tonight in the hopes that it will help me grow.

Stay tuned to the Claudia’s Brain channel… Some big news is coming soon!

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