Sin For Love is LIVE!

I can’t seem to find the right words to express what I am feeling right now, it is very surreal.  It is as if I am dreaming and I know I will wake up soon.  I don’t want the dream to end… This perfect little dream where a shit-ton of hard work has led me to accomplish what I never really thought was possible.  But I plotted, wrote, revised, cried, laughed, and cursed (a lot) to get here.  I pushed that big scary publish button that has stolen many nights worth of sleep from me.  

Tessa and I have been celebrating and enjoying Tequila-O’s all night and she has something she wants to say… “There is something you should know about me by now; I loved sex.  I wasn’t a whore and I didn’t fuck just anyone.  I had my standards, and they were quite high, thank you very much.”

Thank you to everyone who put up with me over the past few months… I’m ready to start #2! *insert evil laugh*

Pick up a copy of Sin For Love:

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