NaNoWriMo – Day 9 aka Super Nicky to the rescue!

I  planned to begin writing around nine this morning.  Then I decided I needed, no I deserved a Venti Soy PSL (no whip ’cause that’s just nasty) so nine turned into ten.  Upon returning home from my venture to Starbucks I found that my daughter who had been sick recently had taken a turn for the worse.  So back in the car we went to visit the InstaCare.  Twenty minutes and thirty-five dollars later we were relieved to find it wasn’t serious, another hour and seven dollars later we had a Rx and were on our way back home.  So ten turned into eleven-thirty.  By noon I had finished my PSL and was fully caffeinated and ready to write!!!  The words were going to be MINE!

Except that they weren’t… I had hit a wall!  I scrambled across my bed to open my Book Bible only to find I was out of Plot Papers WTF?!?!  WHERE were my fucking Plot Papers???  Oh yea, um I kinda didn’t do them.  Oops!  Another hour of doing PP’s and noon had turned into one.  Half of my Saturday was fucking GONE and it was NaNo’s Writing Marathon, the slogan being ‘No Word Count Left Behind’.  But I was being left behind, it was now two in the afternoon and I only had a measly 600 words!  I should have had thousands by then!

Panic set in, on Monday I go back to my full time job and I still had almost 15,000 words to do!  I had put in all of this hard work and I wasn’t going to finish NaNo!!!  Yes I was panicking about not finishing when I had 35,000 under my belt and 21 more days in the month.

SUPER NICKY to the rescue!!!!  At about three my hero Nicky Jayne started doing sprints with me and I was able to pass the 40,000 mark.  That’s right people, my current word count is 40,023 fucking amazing words, only 9,977 to go!!!

I’m gonna do it!  I’m really gonna fucking do it!!!

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One Response to NaNoWriMo – Day 9 aka Super Nicky to the rescue!

  1. embracingnicky says:

    YAY!! NaNo is a Bitch and we have her by the horns!… Thank you for pushing me through my sprints.. I have officially hit 23000 I couldn’t do it without you. See you on the other side of 50,000 ❤

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