NaNoWriMo – Day 8 aka Horror movies and V-Cards

I thought my characters were running rampant before…  But Tessa chose today to prove to me just how fucking wrong I was, I hadn’t seen anything yet.

It was like when you watch a horror film and you know that the hot blond girl, who just lost her V-Card to the football star under the school bleachers, shouldn’t open that door and go into the gym.  But the stupid Meat Waffle is going to anyway no matter how much you yell or throw things at the screen.

Yup that was what today was like as I watched Tessa do something that we both knew is wrong, but she was hurt so she was going to doing it no matter what I yelled or threw at her.  It was painful, and I may have lost my underwear but we got through it together.

My new word count is 35,001 – That’s 70% Bitches!

Stole this goodie from a buddy today.  This is what every six minutes of NaNoWriMo feels like (living on the edge huh?):

Isaac Asimov

Even though Tessa and I fought (and later made up), Reese and I had a good time together today.  Here is a small look into his world:

I had to keep going, I had to let this play out no matter what the consequences may be.  I had to because she needed me, just like I needed her.  I  hoped that one day she would understand.  That she would forgive me.  That she would still love me in the end.

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