NaNoWriMo – Day 7 aka Mac is a Bitch, and I hate her right now!

I spent a few hours in the chair today getting some new ink.  I started the process of covering up the tattoo I got when I turned eighteen and thought getting a Kanji that said ‘Wild’ would be a good idea.  HELLO Bitch, you have a fucking word on your body.  Are you sure it even says what you think it does?  For all you know it says ‘Meat Waffle’!!!  I had this appointment scheduled before I even considered doing NaNo so I told myself I could take a break on day 7 and keep the appointment.  On December 6th we’ll finish this hot bitch up!

Getting tattooed is exhausting!  You’d think, hey all you have to do is lay there and not move.  But that isn’t the case, you have to focus on your breathing and remind your body every second to not tense up.  Like I said, it is fucking exhausting!  On the way home I had every intention of running right to my cave and putting in the time to get my word count.  Apparently the universe had other plans for me.  When I walked in the house I was hit by a wall of funk “Oh shit babe, it smells like NaNo in here!” was all I could say to my hubs.  Walking into the kitchen I found the cause of the stench, all the dishes piled up by the sink.  There was no way this beast could be allowed to run wild!  An hour later I had tamed the beast and the house was once again a NaNo-Funk free zone and I could flee to the cave.

Upon arriving in the cave I greeted my beloved MacBook (Mac for short, I know creative huh?) who looked at me with disdain.   The following conversation commenced:

Mac: it’s 7:30 and you still think you can get your word count in?

Me: YES The words are MINE!

Mac: You are cray cray Claudia!

Me: Fuck off!

After fighting with Mac for over an hour I was left with 507 words for the day and my main female character doing things that she knows are bad for her.

Here’s to a better tomorrow…..

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