NaNoWriMo – Day 6 aka PUMPKIN PIE!!!

How the fuck do I get off this crazy train?!?!  Oh wait… what am I talking about?  I don’t want to get off, I want to ride this bitch all the way to NaNoLand!  The beautiful land of NaNo where the words flow through the air like birds soaring on the wind.  Where your characters can always find a friend, a confidant, or an evil villain lurking around the corner waiting for the perfect time to pounce.

They’re coming to take me away Ha Ha
They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha
to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, and I’ll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats
and they’re coming to take me away ha ha

Day 6 has been great!  Spent some time with a good friend talking shop and fit in a couple of good word sprints.  I walked away with a belly full of Pumpkin Pie (I had whipped cream for the first time since the Pie Throwing Contest Incident of 2013… Just know that whipped cream curdles quickly when you are wearing it!) and a brain full of new ideas and plot points!!!

Instead of a snippet today I bring you Stats… YAY Stats!!!


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