NaNoWriMo – Day 4 aka 20,002 bitches!

I just gotta let the world know that I HAVE WRITTEN 20,002 WORDS IN THE PAST 4 DAYS!!!  *not including these blog posts or all of the constant chatter in a certain FB group… you know who you are!

I started off today by creating three pages of Plot Papers in longhand to get me through the next few days of the story.  Then I went to move on to writing… and then had a twenty minute staring contest with my beloved MacBook.  She didn’t move… I didn’t move… She didn’t blink… I didn’t blink… this went on for Twenty Fucking Minutes!  You see,  I’m writing linearly and this is a change for me .  The challenge is that if I am stuck I just have to figure out what the fuck is supposed to happen next instead of bailing ship and jumping to another scene.  I can say that I am loving this challenge and feel that it is helping me to grow as a writer.

In the end I accomplished my goal of 5k words today… 5,002 to be exact, and I only went through  about 1/4 of one Plot Paper Happy Dance!!!  The amazing thing about today was how much more there was to the story as things revealed themselves as I wrote.  Scenes that I never knew existed bloomed on the page before my eyes, and I wrote about parts of the story that I didn’t know existed.  It was beautiful!

Anyway… here is the snippet for today, it is a short one but it made me giggle:

We moved around the house and I learned that it had four bedrooms, six baths, and a kitchen that would make Paula Dean’s panties wet.

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