NaNoWriMo – Day 1 aka Where the fuck are all the brown paper bags?

Today started really slow and I thought I was going to be in big trouble!  Panic started rearing her ugly muck of a face and the nausea began.   I needed a fucking brown paper bag to breathe into and I couldn’t find one.  I am such a ‘regular’ at the liquor store that they know me by name… how the hell do I not have a brown paper bag in my house?

Then I took some deep breaths, actually ate something (yes food is fuel), started some word sprints and things things really got going!  I have hit 5017 words already today!!!

Every time I hit a milestone or word count goal I will post a snippet… here is the first one for being over 5000 words.  Enjoy!

“Come in and close the door Tessa.” Reese commanded.  “I reserved all of your private dance time tonight when I got here so this doesn’t count as our one date.  I just want to watch you move.”

I was so surprised that he was in this room that I couldn’t say anything.  I slowly walked over to where he was sitting on the plush couch and started swaying to the music that was pouring from the speakers.  My hands moved like they had a mind of their own sliding over my hips and up to the top of my bustier.  I started undoing the hooks that kept me incased in black lace, slowly exposing my breasts and stomach.  When I got to the bottom hook I let it drop to the floor.  Wearing nothing but my lace panties and fuck me heels I straddled him, my knees pressing on each side of his thighs.  I let my hands slide up his arms and neck, my fingernails playing over his skin then moved a bit further up until I buried my hands into the silky dark hair at the back of his head.  Tugging his hair I pulled his head to the side to expose his neck I dipped my head down to where his neck met his shoulder and put my lips against his skin and letting tongue dart out to take a taste.  Reese tasted like I thought he would; rich, spicy and a little bit salty.  I could feel his hands clenching into fists at the sides of my thighs, begging to grab ahold of me.  I squeezed tighter with my knees and brought myself down to sit firmly on his lap.  Pushing down to rub my clit against his large erection that was straining tightly against his jeans I heard him let out a deep moan and knew he needed this as badly as I did.  I pushed my breasts against his chest and continued to kiss and nip at his neck while I shamelessly ground my now swollen clit down on his hard cock.  As I felt the edge of my orgasm starting to take over I opened my mouth and bit down on Reese’s shoulder to keep from screaming as I came.

I don’t know how many minutes passed while I was laying on him recovering from the mind blowing orgasm I just had without him even touching me.  As soon as I could gather my thoughts I kissed his neck where I had bitten him and slipped off his lap.  Leaving my bustier on the floor I walked to the closet and grabbed a robe to put on.  Without looking at Reese I opened the door to leave.

“Tessa” Reese called out catching me just before I closed the door behind me “I do love how you move, I can’t wait to see how you move when you are beneath me.”

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One Response to NaNoWriMo – Day 1 aka Where the fuck are all the brown paper bags?

  1. wordrew says:

    Now there is the writing that I assumed you embraced. Obviously I haven’t seen this in our normal writing circle, but I am glad that you are putting it out there.
    You said you were writing linearly, so if this is in the first 5000 words, that is one hell of a start to a novel. I need a cold shower already.

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