Writers Guild ~ October 2013 Writing Prompt

I couldn’t imagine a more fitting writing prompt for October… At least 500 words about being locked somewhere or in something.

Hope you all enjoy this little treat… or maybe it is a trick.


I can’t tell if my eyes are open or closed… All I can see is empty blackness.  I think I am seeing but it is hard to tell because everything is just black.   And I don’t really know if my eye lids are moving when I try to open them because I can’t feel them.  At least I think I have eyes and those eyes must have lids right?  It has been so long since I have seen anything at all that I’m starting to think I haven’t ever seen anything before.  But then my mind wanders and I have flashes of visions, of things and events so vivid that they couldn’t possibly just be a figment of my imagination.  Here comes one of those flashes now.  It always starts the same way; happy and exciting. But then it ends the same way every time too, I don’t like how it ends.

It is that magical time of night right after the sun fully sets when anything could happen and the possibilities are endless.  I’m wandering through the game booths looking for the fortune tellers tent like I have so many times before.  Nothing that I do to change my course or slow it down ever works and I gave up on trying a long time ago.  Now instead I do what I can to enjoy the vision and make the most out of it.  I’ve learned to focus on the sights, sounds, and smells as I move around the carnival.  No matter how many times I travel this path I always pick out something new even if it is as small as a mouse running into a hole at the bottom of the cotton candy tent.  If only I could stop to buy one of those fluffy pink clouds, I inhale deeply and hold my breath to try to savor the sweet smell of spun sugar on my tongue but it disappears far too soon.  Couples are walking hand in hand with the prizes they have won and children are running around chasing the fireflies that are flitting through the air with their bodies lighting up and then disappearing again before they can be caught.  I look up to the sky just in time for a single raindrop to hit me square between the eyes and I find I have reached the fortune tellers tent as the drop rolls down my cheek.

Pulling back the canvas door to the tent I step inside and sneeze as soon as the strong scent of incense hits me.  “Come closer child, I will tell you all you need to know.”  Lady Miranda says while curling a bony finger at me.  Knowing that there is no point in resisting I step closer.  She grabs my hand and as soon as her skin touches mine her eyes roll back into her head.  After a few moments of watching her face wondering if she was beautiful when she was young her eyes open again and she whispers urgently “Go home child, go to a friends house, go anywhere you like but just make sure you leave this place immediately.”  Lady Miranda lets go of the grip she had on my hand and her pleading eyes never leave mine as I back away slowly until I step out of her tent.

I welcome the fresh air as the wind chases away the lingering scent of burning incense.  I feel bodies jostle against me as a group of five or six drunk college students push past me and enter the fortune tellers tent.  I take in a deep breath and sigh knowing that there was only one stop left on this crazy train tonight, and it was the last stop I would ever take.

You see as a kid I always wanted, no it was more like I needed to know what made things work.  My parents would come home to find toasters, clocks, and other household appliances dismantled on the kitchen counter.  I just needed to see what made them tick.  But it didn’t stop there, I needed to know how everything worked behind the scenes and that is why I found myself ducking under the ropes to find out.  I was walking through the trucks that carried the carnival equipment and workers from town to town week after week.  Without warning I feel an arm come around from behind to latch around my waist while another brought a big hand up to cover my mouth.  The strong arms lifted me into the air and I am dragged into the back of a dark box truck.  I struggle and kick as hard as I can but the large hand is covering my mouth and my nose so tightly that I can’t breathe.  My kicks quickly become weaker and just before everything goes black I hear a deep laugh.

That is where the vision ends and the blackness begins again.  So here I wait and wait and wait, until the vision starts all over again.

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